Philadelphia Baptist Church May Not Necessarily Agree With Everything Written By The Following
Authors. If You Are Unsure As To The Position Of PBC On Any Issue Please Check Our:
Articles Of Faith
Constitution And Bylaws
    And Also Please CONTACT US That We May Further Clarify Any Issue In Question.
    May The Lord Richly Bless You As You Read These Writtings Of These Brethren
  B. H. Carroll
  Medford Caudill
  Milburn Cockrell
  C. D. Cole
  E. G. Cook
  Mark W. Fenison
T. B. Freeman 
  Andrew Fuller
  John Gill
  John R. Lenegar
  Roy Mason
  Mark C. Minney
  A. W. Pink
  J. Howard Powell
  Curtis Pugh
  Roger D. Reed
  James L. Reynolds
  J. M. Sallee
  Manuel Seymour
  Jeff Short
  C. H. Spurgeon
  William J. Stang
  Matthew Stepp
  H. Boyce Taylor  

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