Thank God For Sovereign Grace
Spiritually blind, and deaf, and dumb,
To the Saviour I would not come;
Dead in sin, altogether depraved,
Heavenly things I did not crave.

But even before I was created,
I was chosen and predestinated;
To save my soul was God's decree,
Before He made the earth or sea.

Salvation came by God's own plan,
Not by my will, or the will of man;
How thankful I am to be among
Those people He chose and gave to His Son!

He drew me with His cords of love,
Gave me life from up above;
Oh, I've never known such love as this,
The Spirit of God I could not resist!

I saw my wicked, deceitful heart
And knew that from sin I must depart;
He gave me faith that I might see
The Son of God who died for me.

Praise God! I'm saved forevermore,
Kept by His power, 'til on heaven's shore,
One day in glory I'll take my place;
Oh, I am thankful for sovereign grace!

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If You Ask What I Get Out Of Life
My life I'll live for Jesus Christ,
Caring not for this world's vain glory;
And if you ask what I get out of life,
I'll tell you a wonderful story.

Oh, I once loved the world's sin and pride,
And all of it's pleasures and lust;
Eternal things I just brushed aside,
Knowing not this world is an empty crust.

Neither did I know that I stood condemned,
By the word of Him who gives life and breath,
Nor that I was lost in transgression and sin,
And the wages of sin is death!

For salvation comes not by man's righteous works,
Or the good deeds that he has done;
It comes not through baptism or through the church,
But only through God's holy Son!

I know now that Jesus died for me,
That I might have eternal life;
And died for me personally,
As for my sins He paid the price.

I now have passed from death unto life,
A new nature have I within,
A nature which loves the Lord Jesus Christ,
And hates this world of sin.

Yes, I hate the things I once loved,
And love the things I once hated;
I now live my life for the Saviour above,
For whom my soul was created.

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What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul?
What would you give in exchange for your soul?
Would you give houses, or lands, or gold?
Do these mean more to you, dear friend,
Than your eternal soul?

Now all these riches will vanish away,
And you will meet your Maker one day;
All you can take with you, dear friend,
Is your eternal soul!

Oh, what would you give in exchange for your soul?
Is righteous living or good works your goal?
Are you depending on these, dear friend,
To save your eternal soul?

'Tis not by good works which we have done,
For we are sinners, yes, everyone;
Jesus has finished the work, dear friend,
To save our eternal souls.

Oh, do not trust in good works or self,
Or silver, or gold, or anything else;
For what does it profit, oh, my soul,
To gain the whole world, but lose one's soul?

Jesus is the only name given among men,
Whereby we can be saved from sin;
He paid for our sins with His precious blood,
For He is God's way to heaven above.

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God's Mercy
He put His rainbow in the sky,
Beautiful colors, glorious blending;
He put it there that you and I
May know that His mercy is never-ending.

His mercy is seen all around us,
In lovely flowers, so welcome in Spring,
In birds, singing in sweetest chorus,
Praising their maker on joyous wing.

His mercy is felt in the cooling breeze,
On a warm, sunshiny, summer's day;
'Tis felt in the shade of green-leafed trees,
And the warmth of hearth when winter comes our way.

To the just and the unjust His mercy extends,
For he blesses them both with sunshine and rain;
Bountiful harvest, graciously, He sends,
Rejoicing hearts with fruits and golden grain.

Oh, God has shown His mercy in so many ways,
In manifold deeds which He has done;
But His greatest mercy was shown the day
He gave to the world His only begotten Son.

Some day God's mercy will be severed
From those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ;
But His mercy will endure forever,
To those who trust Him for eternal life.

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If Only
Seraphim and Cherubim,
His glorious throne surround;
All mortals who ever saw Him
Fell prostrate to the ground;
Thrice-Holy God is He,
Burning in His holiness;
Creatures of the clay are we,
Filled with unrighteousness.

If only sinful men could know
This holy God with whom they must deal,
If only they in repentance would go
And before Him humbly kneel,
If only they by faith could see
God's crucified Son, the Lord Jesus Christ,
To Him they would quickly flee
And receive God's gift of eternal life.

Today God's mercy is extended,
Whosoever will may come;
Someday His mercy will be ended,
For those who reject His Son;
For if they die without Him,
No matter what they say,
As their Judge they'll meet Him,
Oh that awful judgement day.

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Lord Make Me A Winner Of Souls
Lift up your eyes unto the fields,
See the harvest, great, the laborers, few;
Lord, send laborers to do Your will,
And bring lost sinners to You.

Oh, Lord, I pray You will send the preacher,
For He is eloquent and knows what to say;
Or would You send the Sunday School teacher
Into Your harvest today?

Wait, my child, do you not remember?
My commission I gave to the church!
Of My church are you not a member?
Your duty, are you trying to shirk?

Child, out there in the harvest field,
My sheep are waiting to be told;
To the gospel they will yield,
And come rejoicing into the fold.

My sheep will not perish if you do not bother
To tell them that I died for them;
But your reward will go to another,
The soul-winner's crown you will fail to win.

Oh, Lord, forgive me for shirking my duty,
And for my cold, indifferent heart;
I want to tell them of your love and beauty,
And how, in salvation, they may have a part.

Lord, give me much love and compassion,
Make me wise and very bold;
Oh, may I go out with zeal and a passion,
To be a winner of souls.

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A Prayer For God's People
Oh, Lord, help your people, called by your name,
To humble themselves, confess their sins,
Turn from their wickedness, live without blame,
And on your dear Spirit depend.

Help them to know that a thrice - holy God
Would have them be faithful and true,
Read and obey His Holy Word,
And glorify Him in all that they do.

Lord, help them to turn their backs upon
This wicked, forlorn world of sin;
Continue the work, Lord, which You have begun,
Make them pure and holy within.

Lord, set their affection on things above,
May they seek neither fortune nor fame;
Oh, may they be filled with Your peace and love,
For godly contentment is gain.

Oh, Lord, let them see the terrible price,
Which Jesus paid when He died for them;
He bought their redemption with His own life,
Lord, help them now to live only for Him.

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God's Love
Love is kind and suffers wrong,
Love envies not all the day long,
Lifts not herself in haughty pride,
But is content and satisfied.

Love always behaves above reproach,
Seeks not her own way, is not quickly provoked,
Thinks not evil of anyone,
Nor judges them for what they've done.

Oh, how much love is willing to bear,
And believe all things which God has declared;
Patient in trials, love will endure,
For love has a hope that is steadfast and sure.

Love never fails! But my flesh is weak
And I fail everyday, even though I seek
To live up to God's word.  Still, I earnestly pray
That God will help me to love this way.

But this God's love and only He
Can love like this to any degree;
No longer hindered by this flesh of mine,
One day I'll love with God's love divine!

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I Am Bought With A Price
Two natures striving within me,
Each would have the upper hand;
Each wants to rule over me,
This I must understand.

My flesh would like a life of ease,
For the things of the world it loves;
But God, my spirit wants to please,
And has set it's affections above.

Satan often comes to entice,
And my will power seems to have flown;
But I hear God's word; you are bought with a price,
And you are not your own!

Be ye holy, for I am holy,
Put on God's armour and stand,
Do all things for My glory,
These are God's solemn commands.

The example, my Saviour has set;
For when Satan tempted Him sore,
With God's word temptation was met,
'Til Satan left to tempt Him no more.

If I make this wise decision,
To read God's word and obey,
And for the flesh make no provision,
I'll grow stronger in Christ each day.

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Great is His faithfulness,
Yea, exceeding great;
He will keep His promises -
None will He break;
My heart can safety trust in Him,
In my God, divine;
Completely I must yield to Him,
His will be done, not mine.

'Tis but mine to wait on Him,
Yea, wait patiently,
For He has promised to perform
A good work in me;
Let patience have her perfect work,
I must not fume or fret;
By His predestination,
I'll be victorious yet.

One day I'll soar above the clouds
Like an eagle on the wing,
Be higher than the angels,
As redemption's song I sing;
This earthly nature of my flesh,
Forever vanquished then,
Will not be there to plague me,
As life in heav'n begins.

Oh, when I see that glorious place
My Lord has gone to prepare,
When eyes have seen and ears have heard
All that awaits me there,
When I have seen His nail - scarred hands
And His smiling face, so dear,
Then earth's little cares will fade away,
How small they will appear!

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Oh, For Faith
Oh, for the faith of Abraham!
Faith that staggers not, faith, so strong;
Faith to believe, weak Christian though I am,
That what God has promised, He can perform.

Oh, to be like a little child,
Trusting my Father's word implicitly,
Oh, that no wicked unbelief or guile,
Could my Father ever find in me.

Oh, for faith that soars like an eagle,
O'er cold, bleak mountains of distrust and doubt,
And comes to rest, so calm and regal,
In the peace of God, past finding out.

Faith to lay myself down upon His promises,
Contented there and waiting patiently,
While fears assuage and trouble vanishes,
Knowing my God will work things out for me!

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God Chooses My Way
Sometimes I walk in the valley,
Sometimes I walk in the sun;
God chooses the way that I should go,
'Til my work on earth is done.

He walks beside me and holds my hand,
And I am content to walk as He planned,
For my Lord knows what is best for me
And will with-hold no good thing from me.

So if He sends sorrow, or joy, or pain,
'Tis for my good, His word makes that plain;
For this is a part of His all - wise design,
To burn up the dross and the gold to refine.
And as I get closer to that heavenly day,
My Lord just grows dearer, the world fades away;
Brighter and brighter my path seems to grow,
And the sweet lights of heaven seem all aglow.

Oh, when I come down to the setting of sun,
And the work is all finished and the race all run,
Twill be so sweet to see my Savior's smile,
And to hear Him say, come and rest, my child.

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How Patiently He Waits
There is a lovely garden
Here within my heart;
God's Spirit watches over it
And has, right from the start.

He cultivates His garden
And of it takes good care;
Nine different kinds of fruit
Are sweetly growing there.

Every weed, obnoxious,
He diligently pulls out,
Even the most persistent weeds
Of self, pride and doubt.

He gives His garden sunshine,
The sunshine of His love,
And thoroughly waters it with grace,
Brought down from heav'n above.

With manna He feeds it daily,
'Tis sweet beyond compare;
And, Oh, how patiently He waits
For His fruit to bear.

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Trials Of Faith
Trials often on me fall,
Many things I have not understood;
But, oh, the joy, when I recall,
He worketh all things for my good!

Trials of faith - more precious than gold,
For gold will vanish away;
But faith, tried by fire, great honor will hold,
When Jesus appears one day.

Then fear not, my soul, nor be dismayed,
But yield yourself unto His will;
For though your fondest dreams may fade,
He is your God, He loves you still!

Lean not upon your own understanding,
But trust in Him with all your heart;
God is sovereign and is planning
Eternal values to impart.

Be still, then, my soul, and stand the test,
Oh, pray and seek His loving face;
Be still, my soul, and sweetly rest,
Upon His all - sufficient grace.

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I know not what each day may bring;
I may be carried on angel wings
Into the presence of my God,
While body sleeps beneath the sod.

But if, by grace, I linger here
Until my blessed Lord appears,
Then, with saints who never die,
I'll rise to meet Him in the sky.

Present here, or absent, it matters not,
God's will be done whatever my lot;
For since He claimed me for His own,
He's always with me, I'm not alone.

He works in me and 'tis my goal
To be like Him who redeemed my soul;
Someday He'll finish the work begun,
I'll bear the image of His dear Son.

Oh, blessed Spirit, the source from whence
Cometh this faith and confidence;
His word is sure, His promises great,
So I'll watch for Him and patiently wait.

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To Comfort
Isaiah 61:3 Thessalonians 4:13
For ashes, may He give us beauty,
For mourning, the oil of joy,
And instead of the spirit of heaviness,
May His praises our lips employ.

For we need not mourn as those who have no hope,
Though our loved ones have gone on before;
Oh, they rejoice in a land of larger scope,
Where joys abound forevermore.

Their pain and sufferings are over,
Their earthly cares now have flown,
And they are so happy in heaven,
Where they know as they are known.

They would not want us to grieve for them,
Though we must remain in this vale of sorrow,
For in a little while we will be with them
In God's bright and glad tomorrow.

Our work on earth is not yet finished,
Else God would also take us home;
God's love for us will never be diminshed,
He walks beside us, we are not alone.

Dear ones, it may be sooner than we think,
God's trump may sound in just a little while;
And then, before our wond'ring eyes can blink,
Once again, we'll see our loved ones smile.

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Twenty-fifth of December, another year trod,
And the world once again is serving it's "god";
But alas, for God's children are joining in too,
Forgive them, dear Lord, they know not what they do!

How well I remember and surely realize,
I, too, was in bondage 'til You opened my eyes;
Thank You, precious Lord, for setting me free
From this thing called Xmas, real idolatry!

Oh, I remember how hard it was to break
The tradition of men, and finally forsake
This heathen holiday, even though I'd heard
That it was pagan, forbidden in God's word.

No time to read my Bible, to praise Your name, or pray,
Too busy getting ready for that "most important" day;
No thought of your second coming, though You bade me watch And wait,
For I must keep Your "birthday", though You gave me not the date.

No harm, thought I, to decorate and have a Xmas tree,
To gather 'round and gifts exchange with friends and family;
If I don't they'll think me narrow, and may even call me "Scrouge",
It's not like I would celebrate with revelry and booze.

And thus, deceiving self, went I from year to year,
'Til one day, Lord, Your still, small voice came through quite clear,
Come out and be ye separate, touch not the unclean thing,
Be not yoked with unbelievers, this message You did bring.

Then I started studying to find out the reason why,
Xmas is an abomination to my God on high;
And to my great amazement, this is what I found,
That I was an idolater on very dangerous ground.

For Xmas, with all it's customs can be traced to ancient Rome;
'Twas there that the Catholic Church adopted as it's own,
Astarte, queen of heaven, and Tammuz, her son,
Originating with Nimrod and ancient Babylon.

The story of Tammuz, the sun god, and his resurrection,
How strange that it should parellel the life of God, the Son!
How very sly of Satan to take these gods, these very same,
And deceive the people of the world by changing their names.

Thus we see the great deceiver up to his greatest tricks,
Changing their names to Mary and Jesus, oh, how very slick!
How easy to take feast day with it's revelry and disgrace,
And change it's name to Xmas for the Christians to embrace.

So when they say put Christ back in Xmas, I just stand and stare,
You never could put Him back, for He was never there!
My God is a jealous God, He will never suffer loss,
Nor share His glory with another, not even Santa Claus!

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Many times, approaching the Easter season,
Have I wondered what could be the reason,
Easter always comes on a different date,
Sometimes early and sometimes late.

Oh, I have wondered at Rome's false decree,
For between Friday and Sunday there just can't be
Three days and three nights as they would tell us,
Though most folk accept it without any fuss.

Bunnies and baskets, colored eggs,
Hot - Cross buns, please tell me, I beg,
What have these to do with our risen Lord,
And where are they found in His Holy word?

Now the customs are pagan; they signify birth,
And return of the sun to replenish the earth;
But even the name, Easter, should tell us something,
For its name comes from "Eastre", the goddess of Spring.

And so, once more, the hand of Satan we can thus trace,
Cunningly seeking to ensnare, and to erase
The significance of the gospel from man's mind,
I think 'twas for this purpose, Easter was designed!

But oh, the heart of Jesus surely must be grieved,
To think His blood-bought children would be so deceived;
Surely if they stopped to think, they would not be entwind
With this festival of "Eastre", or bow down to her shrine!

Now I like to sit in deep reflection,
Thinking of Christ and His resurrection;
How they crucified Him, oh day of gloom,
And buried Him there within the tomb!

They crucified Him, God's sinless Lamb,
On April fourteenth, Christ, the great "I Am";
Crucified Him there when God's time was ripe,
Of whom the Passover lamb was a type.

Three days and three nights, the Bible makes plain,
In the heart of the earth, Christ would remain;
Just as Jonah spent three days and three nights,
Within the big fish, another true type.

But the grave could not hold Him, for He arose,
In triumphant vict'ry, to justify those
Whom the Father had chosen and given to Him,
Oh, He paid the sin-debt for each one of them!

Now Christ was resurrected on the first day of the week,
And observance of His resurrection I love to keep;
Not as many observe it, just once yearly, I fear,
But weekly, on the first day, fifty-two times a year!

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