Kathryn Parrish
Twenty-fifth of December, another year trod,
And the world once again is serving it's "god";
But alas, for God's children are joining in too,
Forgive them, dear Lord, they know not what they do!

How well I remember and surely realize,
I, too, was in bondage 'til You opened my eyes;
Thank You, precious Lord, for setting me free
From this thing called Xmas, real idolatry!

Oh, I remember how hard it was to break
The tradition of men, and finally forsake
This heathen holiday, even though I'd heard
That it was pagan, forbidden in God's word.

No time to read my Bible, to praise Your name, or pray,
Too busy getting ready for that "most important" day;
No thought of your second coming, though You bade me watch And wait,
For I must keep Your "birthday", though You gave me not the date.

No harm, thought I, to decorate and have a Xmas tree,
To gather 'round and gifts exchange with friends and family;
If I don't they'll think me narrow, and may even call me "Scrouge",
It's not like I would celebrate with revelry and booze.

And thus, deceiving self, went I from year to year,
'Til one day, Lord, Your still, small voice came through quite clear,
Come out and be ye separate, touch not the unclean thing,
Be not yoked with unbelievers, this message You did bring.

Then I started studying to find out the reason why,
Xmas is an abomination to my God on high;
And to my great amazement, this is what I found,
That I was an idolater on very dangerous ground.

For Xmas, with all it's customs can be traced to ancient Rome;
'Twas there that the Catholic Church adopted as it's own,
Astarte, queen of heaven, and Tammuz, her son,
Originating with Nimrod and ancient Babylon.

The story of Tammuz, the sun god, and his resurrection,
How strange that it should parellel the life of God, the Son!
How very sly of Satan to take these gods, these very same,
And deceive the people of the world by changing their names.

Thus we see the great deceiver up to his greatest tricks,
Changing their names to Mary and Jesus, oh, how very slick!
How easy to take feast day with it's revelry and disgrace,
And change it's name to Xmas for the Christians to embrace.

So when they say put Christ back in Xmas, I just stand and stare,
You never could put Him back, for He was never there!
My God is a jealous God, He will never suffer loss,
Nor share His glory with another, not even Santa Claus!

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