Inside the covers of this book are the thoughts of a dear sister and friend.
    Sister Parrish has written many poems about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  There are poems
    about His church as well as things He has done or will do.  His sovereign power is seen throughout.
    I am sure you will receive a great blessing as you read them and perhaps they will be of some help
    and comfort to you.
    These are words from one sister's heart to be received into your heart.
    May the Lord bless you as you read each poem.
Elder James E. Hobbs
Kings' Addition Baptist Church
South Shore, KY

Our Suffering Saviour
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Sinner Friend, Trust in Jesus
The Future
Modern Woman
Who Can Find A Virtuou Woman
Pray for God's Preachers
The Greatest of These is Love
The Bride of Christ
Fear Not, Little Flock
The New Jerusalem
The Lord's Ekklesia
Our Lord's Church
The Bible
What Would He Think or Say
God's Truth Versus Satan's Lies
He Will be Satisfied
Thou Hast Provided So Great Salvation
God's Precious Gift
What Can Separate Me From God's Love?
Oh, What Manner Of Love Is This
The Glorious Gospel
From Every Kindred, Tongue and Nation
So Must The Son Of Man Be Lifted Up
The Rich Man And Lazarus
Thank God For Sovereign Grace
If You Ask What I Get Out Of Life
What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul?
God's Mercy
If Only
Lord Make Me A Winner Of Souls
A Prayer For God's People
God's Love
I Am Bought With A Price
Oh, For Faith
God Chooses My Way
How Patiently He Waits
Trails Of Faith
To Comfort

Our Suffering Saviour
He agonized in the garden in deepest agony,
And prayed, "If it be possible, let this cup pass from me";
Nevertheless, He drank the cup, ' twas His Father's will above,
He drank it to the bitter dregs because of His great love.

His apostles, being weary, slept on in deep repose,
Never fufly realizing their forthcoming woes;
With great sweat drops of blood, Christ prayed on without remiss,
Until the hour that Judas came and betrayed Him with a kiss.

They took Him and bound Him and carried Him away,
To the palace of the high priest to await the coming day;
Then the Jewish council held a trial and 'tis so very odd,
They sentenced Him to death because He said that He was God!

They beat Him, and spit upon Him and did shamefully entreat,
And said that He must now be tried at Pilate's  judgement seat;
But PIlate found no fault with Him and he told them so,
Nor, indeed, did Herod. for to Herod He did go.

Once more, Pilate would release Him but got nowhere with them,
For they cried vehemently, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!"
Then Pilate gave the orders, it should be as they required,
Released Barabbas to them, sentenced Jesus to be crucified!

Pilate scourged Him and called together the whole soldier band,
They clothed Him with a purple robe, placed a reed in His hand;
Crowned Him wish a crown of thorns and then they bowed the knee,
Smiting Him upon the heed in satanic mockery.

Now when they had finished the torture which they began,
His visage was so marred, more than any man;
Then they led Him up the hill to darkest Calvary,
Crucified Him between two thieves upon the cruel tree.

The mocking crowd passed by with jeering taunts and sneers,
While the thieves on either side cast the same in His ears;
But one thief suddenly believed that Jesus was the Christ,
And Jesus said, "Today you'll be with me in ParadIse."

Now as He bore His peoples sins in His body on the tree,
He cried wish a load voice,  "My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
Oh, the Father is so pure and holy, sin He cannot look upon,
And so He turned His back upon His precious, holy Son.

Thus His soul was made a ransom for H is very own,
For them He suffered. bled, and died, and bore it all alone;
And then He cried, "Tis finished", and His Spirit He dismissed,
An earthquake rent the rocks, the Son of God was this!

They took His body from the tree and laid it in a tomb,
And for the ones who loved Him it was a day of gloom;
But after three full days and nights, their sorrowing was oer,
For He arose from that dark tomb and lives forevermore!

Now He ascended into heav'n, sat down on the Fathers throne,
And now each day He intercedes for those He calls His own;
Oh, blessed hope, He'll come again, that forever they may be,
Joint-heirs with Him, and live with Him, throughout eternity!

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KING Of Kings And LORD Of Lords
Jesus Christ, the great creator, made the heav'n and earth,
And by His almighty power, rules the universe;
We see His glory all about, His Holy Word leaves no doubt,
That He is KING of kings and LORD of lords!

Jesus Christ came down from glory to this sinful earth,
He became our blessed Saviour by His virgin birth;
He was God come down to man, was crucified by wicked hands,
Though He was KING of kings and LORD of lords!

Jesus Christ, the mighty conqueror, from the tomb arose!
He arose with mighty power, triumphant o'er His foes;
Oh, great salvation, full and free, wondrous love beyond degree,
Oh, He is KING of kings and LORD of lords!

Jesus Christ, the KING Eternal, every eye shall see;
Precious Saviour, by men rejected, He their judge shall be;
Every knee shall bow to Him, every tongue confess to Him,
That He is KING of kings and LORD of lords!

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Sinner Friend, Trust In Jesus
- Revelation 20:11-15 -
Sinner friend, please tell me I really want to know,
Do you ever think of eternity, through this life you go?
Do you think of a holy God and that great judgment day,
When you'll learn that, for your sins, forever you must pay?

Oh, do you know the meaning that the second death implies?
It means that you will then be cast into the lake of fire,
Separated forever from the God of love and light;
Why did you treat the Son of God with rejection and respite?

Alone, forlorn, forsaken - Oh, how awful it must be,
To be forsaken by God throughout eternity;
Never to know the blessings which His love and mercy bring,
Never to know the joy comfort of even the smallest things.

Never to see the passing seasons, each dressed in splendid array,
Nor to awake in anticipation of another lovely day;
No more to feel the cooing breeze or see the sunshine bright,
No pale moon-glow or twinkling stars to lighten the black, dark night.

Helpless, hopeless, fearful, will be the destiny,
Of those rejecting Jesus and the blood of Calvary;
No crystal, flowing water to cool the burning brow,
Not even a single drop of that, which they take for granted now.

Oh, sinner, trust in Jesus while you still have life and breath;
Jesus is the only way  you'll escape the second death;
He is the only way given whereby men must be saved;
Behold, how much He loved, for His life He freely gave!

Suffering, bleeding, dying, in shame and agony,
Jesus paid my sin-debt as He hung upon the tree;
As I recall that awful scene and see Him hanging there,
I realize He loved me with a love beyond compare !

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The Future
Great tribulation is coming soon upon this wicked world,
When God's unmitigated wrath will surely be unfurled;
But when this happens Christ will have His people safe above,
For God's wrath won't fall on those whom He foreknew in love.

The Lamb of God will take the book and open up the seals,
Then everything will come to pass which God's word has revealed;
And when it is all over, 'tis finished and 'tis done,
This world will then become the kingdom of God's Son.

Sitting there upon David's throne on beautiful Mount Zion,
Christ, the King, will then rule this world with a rod of iron;
Knowledge of Him will fill the earth as waters now cover the sea,
His people will rule and reign with Him, this is God's decree.

Oh, what a wonderful kingdom God's children will enter in,
For all creation will then be free from the bondage of sin;
Like a beautiful garden of roses, the desert will then be,
In place of thorns and thistles will come up the myrtle tree.

Men will no longer go to war as sinful men do now,
War instruments will then be beaten into shears and plows;
Man will sit under his own fig tree, his God - given place,
And of the former lust and greed you will not find a trace.

Wolves and lambs will lie down together in peace and harmony,
While a child may play on the hole of an asp and perfectly safe shall be;
Nothing at all will hurt or destroy in the kingdom of God's Son,
A man of a hundred years will be considered very young.

Satan will be bound for a thousand years while Jesus reigns in peace,
But after that, for a little while, Satan must be released;
Deceiving the nations, he will gather them, to compass the saints around,
But they will be devoured by fire which God in heav'n sends down.

Into the lake of fire and brimstone, Satan will then be cast,
To be tormented forever, thank God, he will, at last!
The wicked dead will then be judged, I'm sure they will tremble and quake,
For all not written in the Book of Life will be cast in the fiery lake.

Then will be a new heav'n and earth, an earth with no more sea,
God will dwell with His people there and He their God shall be;
Former things will pass away, they will live forever with Him,
Eternally blessed and glorified, in the new Jerusalem!

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Modern Woman
These are the days of the E.R.A..,
When modern woman would have her way;
The scriptures, it seems, she's never heard,
For she pays no attention to God's word.

God's order of the sexes she just ignores,
For man's place she covets more and more,
Saying that she would be equal with man,
Forgetting the fact that she never can.

Neither could man ever take her place,
For he's not equipped for bearing the race,
Nor has he a mother's instinct and love,
Given to her from heaven above.

Now man reasons coolly with his head,
But woman is led by emotions instead;
God equipped man to take the hard knocks,
But made the woman, the cradle to rock.

Still, modern woman doesn't see it that way,
So against her maker she rebels every day;
With bobbed hair and immodest dress,
For God's Holy Word she could care less.

And even in churches this rebellion prevails,
For God said long hair and a covering, or veil;
In the church, be silent, be quiet and meek,
But she has even decided to preach!

Now God knows whats best for His creation,
And, oh, how well off would be this nation,
If each home were a castle, every man a king,
With a queen subjected to him in all things.

A queen he could love, and honor, and cherish,
And work to this end, that their home might flourish;
A queen in whom his heart could safely trust ,
He would seek her well-being, and protect her he must!

She would send him off with a smile and a prayer,
And a sense of well-being, knowing she was there;
To watch over his children and keep them from harm,
Teaching them and guiding them with a firm, loving arm.

And then he would hurry when day's work was done,
Home to his queen, his daughters and sons;
They would live for each other and all live for God,
Serving Him together as life's path they trod.

Oh, how much better off would be the human race,
If woman, once more, would take her God-given place;
But these are the days of the E.R.A.,
And modern woman would have her own way.

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Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman
Who can find a virtuous woman,
Who serves God with all her might?
Oh, her price is far above rubies,
She is precious in God's sight.

Oh, this sweet and virtuous woman
Is her husband's joy and crown;
His heart can safely trust in her,
She will never let him down.

Her children arise and call her blessed,
Her friends and neighbors praise her too;
For, to help, she is always ready,
She will ever be true-blue.

In her tongue is the law of kindness,
Her spirit is quiet and meek;
Strength and honor are her clothing,
The good of others she always seeks.

Now this world's favor is deceitful,
Beauty is a flower that fades;
But a woman that fears the Lord,
She shall certainly be praised!

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Pray For God's Preachers
God forbid that I should so sin,
By neglecting to pray and make supplication,
For God's faithful preachers, those ordained men,
Who preach the Christ of eternal salvation.

Oh, those soldiers, so courageous and brave,
Whom God has placed at the battle front!
Against whom the enemy rants and raves,
And of Satan's attacks, they bear the brunt.

For they are the shepherds of God's flocks,
Who feed His sheep and watch o'er their souls;
To keep the flock faithful to Jesus, their rock,
With their eyes upon Him, is the pastor's goal.

But these are dark days in which we're living,
Perilous days which try men's souls;
For material gain and television,
Have caused many sheep to grow distant and cold.

Only a few will endure sound doctrine,
Many seek preachers to tickle their ears,
God's truths to them seem false and mocking,
Fables of men they had much rather hear.

Brothers and sisters, is it any wonder then,
That God's dear Pastors should often grieve
And become discouraged, when Satan begins
To enter their flocks and the sheep deceive?

Let us, then, be much in prayer,
Constantly, earnestly, often in tears;
Pray for God's Pastors everywhere,
And for their flocks, 'til Jesus appears.

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The Greatest Of These Is Love
When the church Jesus started was very young,
He endued it with supernatural signs,
Such as prophesying and speaking in tongues,
To prove that His church was surely divine.

But when the Bible was completed,
Prophecy then was fully revealed;
Speaking in tongues no longer was needed,
For the need of signs had been fulfilled.

Yes, prophesying and tongues have ceased,
But still there remains three gifts from above -
Faith, hope and love - just these three,
And the greatest of these is love!

Now faith looks up in adoration,
As in this dark world we sojurn;
Hope looks up with bright expectation,
Watching and waiting for our Lord's return.

Faith and hope will give way to sight,
When our blessed Lord we see;
Oh, what a future so glor'ously bright,
Is awaiting you and me!

Faith and hope will be needed no longer,
When we reach that heavenly shore;
But love will grow sweeter and stronger,
And will be needed forever more.

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The Bride Of Christ
The religious world looks down upon
Our Lord's churches, so small;
But they the victory have won,
For He loves them one and all.

For them, He suffered, so forlorn,
For them, His life has given;
And soon will take them home to join
His first - born church in heaven.

His church, complete, will be ready then,
To become His loving Bride;
For true and faithful she has been,
And His word has not denied.

She bought the truth and sold it not;
She labored to expel all leaven,
And will appear without blemish or spot,
To take her place in heaven.

The marriage of the Lamb shall come,
And there will be His bride,
Dressed in spotless righteousness,
Standing by His side.

No more shall she be martyred,
No more shall she be scorned;
But she shall be rewarded
For all that she has borne.

Oh, it shall be her destiny,
To rule and reign with Him,
Then live with Him eternally,
In the New Jerusalem!

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Fear Not, Little Flock
Fear not, little flock, for the Father has promised
To give you the Kingdom some day;
Fear not, little flock, though you're small and despised,
And men heed not what you say;
For when you assemble, the angels are there,
They carefully listen to your words and prayers,
So fear not, little flock, fear not.

Oh, Jesus has said when you gather together,
That there will He be in your midst;
So fear not, little flock, no matter the weather,
For what a great promise is this!
Just keep up the work He gave you to do,
Be steadfast, unmovable, faithful and true,
And fear not, little flock, fear not.

Fear not, little flock, and be not discouraged,
For you are a part of His Bride,
Some day up in heaven, without spot or wrinkle,
With joy, you'll be by His side;
And then you will say it was worth it all,
As you live in that city of clear jasper walls,
So fear not, little flock, fear not.

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The New Jerusalem
The New Jerusalem will come down some day,
Sparkling with jewels, glittering with gold;
'Tis the place where Christ and His bride will stay,
Oh, I'm sure the half has never been told.

Fifteen hundred miles foursquare,
With beautiful walls of priceless gems,
And twelve pearl gates, wide open there,
For naught can defile the New Jerusalem.

No darkness there, just one eternal day,
No need of the sun, for Christ is the light,
No need of a temple, for we shall stay
Close to our Saviour, in garments of white.

Oh, ear has not heard, nor has eye seen
The wonderful things which God has prepared;
Not even in our fondest dreams
Could we visualize what awaits us there.

But I know we shall walk on golden streets,
Drink from a crystal clear river,
Eat twelve kinds of fruit, deliciously sweet,
Which the tree of life delivers.

And I know there are mansions of splendor
Awaiting the blessed ones there;
With joy and gladness we shall enter
That city, so wond'rously fair.

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The Lord's Ekklesia
In this world of religious confusion,
How does one find that divine institution,
Which Jesus founded while on this earth,
When He said, "I will build my church"?

Well, the Catholics say there is no hope
Outside their church, headed up by the pope;
And they say, though 'tis quite controversial,
That the church is visible and universal.

The Protestants say this is just not so
And came out of the Catholic Church long ago;
For the true church consists of believers everywhere,
'Tis universal and Invisible, they declare.

But the Baptists reject both these views,
For these teachings are false, and these churches, too,
Were institued by the father of lies,
That great deceiver and blinder of eyes!

Well, it just might help and make things easier,
To know that the Greek word for church is Ekklesia;
A called out assembly is what it means,
The Greeks' town-meetings were Ekklesias, it seems.

Now Jesus's Ekklesia was called out by Him,
And visibly assembled at Jerusalem;
This church, too, was like a hive of bees,
Which swarm and send out new colonies.

Thus, down through the ages of time they have come,
Each church started by a pre-existing one;
There are some here today, they are bound to be,
For Christ promised His church perpetuity.

When we study the Bible we can find
No universal church of any kind;
But local, visible churches instead,
Each church, a body, with Christ, it's head.

A pillar and ground of the truth on this earth,
That's what the Bible calls the Lord's church;
But, for the whole truth, onlt Baptists contend,
All others teach the traditions of men.

And here's another truth which I would state;
You can't find a place and you can't find a date,
This side of Jerusalem and Jesus Christ,
That the Baptist church started, try as you might!

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