Our Lord's Church
John the Baptist, a man sent from God,
Was sent to preach God's Holy Word;
Sent from God and authorized,
Christ and His apostles to baptize.

Thus the material was prepared
For building the church, and Christ declared,
In Matthew sixteen, He would not fail,
For the gates of hell should not prevail!

Christ built His church while on this earth,
The twelve apostles He set in first,
But one of them fell from this high position;
He was Judas Iscariot, the son of perdition.

The others consisted His "little flock",
Their feet set firmly upon the "Rock";
On the Rock, Christ Jesus, His church was built,
And for His Church His blood was spilt.

He gave them the "Supper" ere He died on the tree,
And bade them do this, "In remembrance of Me";
Remember My body, broken, My blood shed for you,
'Til I come, keep the Supper and my commandments too.

Christ arose from the dead and ascended to heaven,
But first, to His church, His commission was given;
You can see it written there on the holy page,
With His church He would be to the end of the age.

He bade them to tarry at Jerusalem,
'Til empowered by the Spirit sent by Him;
They waited, prayed and witnessed a plenty,
And grew from twelve to one hundred and twenty.

Then assembled at Pentecost, in the upper room,
Lo, the Spirit of God came down with a zoom!
With tongues of fire they were all baptized,
And His church was empowered, they all realized!

With foreign tongues which men understood,
They began to speak as the Spirit would
Give them utterence, and with words so bold,
The gospel story they preached and told.

Three thousand souls were saved that day
And to the church added, a splendid display
Of what Christ, through His church, is able to do,
When men will obey Him faithfully and true.

But alas, Satan's ire, aroused before long,
Brought the church persecution, swift and strong;
The disciples were scattered throughout the land;
To destroy the Lord's church was the devil's plan.

But God, in His wisdom, had planned otherwise,
For by persecution the churches multiplied;
Each church reaching out to establish another,
Still, all independent of each other.

Thus the churches grew, multiplied and prevailed,
'Til Satan realized his plan had surely failed;
'Twas then he devised his master plan - this was it:
That the churches of Christ he would counterfeit!

'Twas around three hundred A.D. that he found,
The churches around Rome had not remained sound,
For they had apostated and gone astray,
Bringing the true churches grief and dismay.

Satan took these churches which had left the word of God,
Over which the Lord had written the word, "Ichobod";
Thus it was that the Catholic church did begin,
Claiming to be the Lord's church, deceiving ignorant men!

This monstrous church began to grow and to persecute
The truth-loving churches, which Christ did institute;
Because they would not recant the doctrines which they loved,
Fifty million sealed their testimony with their martyr's blood!

And though, at times, the gates of hell seemed almost to prevail,
God's word is surely true, and it surely will not fail;
For through the darkest ages, Christ brought His church, His bride,
Holding fast the precious doctrines for which their brethren died!

She's here today, though still hated and despised it's true,
Not only by the "whore" but her "harlot daughters" too;
She's here and will be until that glorious day,
When Jesus comes in all His glory to take His bride away.

Now all the blood-bought children for whom Jesus died,
Will surely go to meet Him when He comes for His bride;
For many are in His kingdom who are not in His church,
To them it does not seem important for "His church" to search!

Often poor and small in number, you can find them if you look,
Still holding fast the teachings of the precious Holy Book!
Chosen and peculiar people, they've been called by many names,
But today they call them Baptists and their teachings
Have not changed!

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The Bible
There it stands, like a mighty rock
In the midst of a raging sea;
The Bible stands, though men may mock
And attack it vehemently!

Why do men mock and hate it so?
This Book of eternal salvation!
Could it be that wicked men know
It warns of their condemnation?

They have burned it, and spurned it,
And explained it away;
They have denied and spiritualized,
But the Book is here to stay!

And though wicked men like Jehoiakim,
May take their penknives and whittle,
The Bible will not be expired by them,
Not even one jot or tittle!

For should they destroy it from the earth,
This Book which God has given;
'Tis settled forever from the first,
And has been presereved in heaven!

They shall be judged by this Holy Word,
All whose sins have not been atoned,
When they meet a thrice-Holy God
At the great white judgement throne!

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What Would He Think Or Say
There was no room for Him in the inn,
That's why He was laid in a manger;
And to this world of lost, sinful men,
Unto this day He remains a stranger.

Now once a year they become quite merry,
And celebrate His birthday - or so they claim;
But the rest of the year they seem in a hurry,
To dishonor Him and blaspheme His name.

Oh, they like to think of Him as a babe,
But they have no love for Him on the cross;
That He would come to die and to save
Seems quite foolish to those who are lost.

Yes, the gospel is hid to those who perish,
For Satan has surely blinded their eyes;
This world of sin they love and cherish,
And their lost condition do not realize.

But scattered among them are His dear sheep,
'Twas for them He was born, for them He died;
He kept the law which they could not keep,
And to their sins was His blood applied.

So thankful am I that my Saviour came
To this wicked, sin - cursed earth;
Oh, praise His precious, holy name,
I'm thankful for His virgin birth!

But 'tis not my Saviour's desire or plan,
That with His birthday I be concerned;
'Tis, instead, His solemn command,
That I watch and wait for His return.

Yes, He tells me to be watching and waiting,
And I wonder what He would think or say,
If He should return and find me celebrating,
With the world, it's pagan holiday.

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God's Truth Versus Satan's Lies
So many churches and cults today
Are teaching the devil's lies,
Leading millions of folk astray,
For Satan has blinded their eyes.

The world is full of Satan's lies,
Confusion on every hand;
God's word is twisted and denied,
Just as Satan has planned.

Truth, it seems, is cast in the street,
For men by the devil are led;
Tramp'ing God's truth under their feet,
They prefer to teach error instead.

God's word is true, He says what He means,
And those who believe Him are wise;
Reject God's word and it's plainly seen,
He'll let you believe Satan's lies!

Now if you believe God's word and obey,
Your life will surely be blessed;
He'll save you and keep you from going astray,
Your soul will find peace and rest.

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He Will Be Satisfied
We're made for the glory of God,
Created by His own hand,
And by His sovereign grace we will trod,
Just the way that He has planned.

The word of the Lord will not fail,
Each tittle will come to pass,
God's word will surely prevail,
So let us stand steadfast.

God will not be defeated,
His word will be fulfilled,
His work will be completed,
According to His sovereign will.

Does it not thrill your soul?
We're on the winning side!
He shall see the travail of His soul,
And He shall be satisfied.

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The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof;
His are the cattle on a thousand hills,
His , the starry host in the heavens above,
He calls them by name and they do His will.

He has measured the hills and the dust of the earth,
And measured the waters in His hand;
By His knowledge He made this vast universe,
And meted out heaven with a span.

As a drop in a bucket He counts the nations,
Considers them as a very little thing,
For when He compares them to His great creation,
They are vanity, no profit do they bring.

Oh, the power and strength of His might!
He fainteth not and never is weary;
Men are as grasshoppers in His sight,
And vanity, too, as we can see clearly.

Why, then, should the spirit of man be proud?
He's only here for a few short days;
He lives out his time which God has allowed,
Then like the grass, he withers and fades.

Oh, each man's soul lives on and on,
Forever and forever it lives,
Either in hell, hopeless and forlorn,
Or in the joy and peace which Jesus gives!

Jesus, God's Son, came to seek and to save,
By His sinless life and death on the cross;
His life for lost sinners He freely gave,
That He might save them from infinite loss.

All that the Father gave Him will come,
And He will in nowise cast them out,
For He draws them and loves them every one;
They are His forever and there is no doubt!

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Thou Hast Provided So Great Salvation
Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declare,
Giving assurance that Thou art there;
And by Thy power and Thy decree,
All things move in harmony.

When I consider the works of Thy hands,
All so magnificent and grand,
Then I wonder why Thou would condescend,
With such mercy for fallen men.

Why would Thou choose some of Adam's race
To be recipients of Thy grace,
When chains of darkness have been the fate,
Of angels who left their first estate?

No wondrous mercy to them was shown,
Nor for their sins didst Thou atone,
No shadow of Thou ever turning,
To pluck them from the brand of burning.

But through the death of Thy spotless Son,
All men to Thee may freely come;
Oh, Thou God of this vast creation,
Thou has provided so great salvation!

Oh, God of mercy, 'tis my earnest prayer,
That Thine elect ones everywhere
May repent of their sins and quickly flee,
To the Saviour who died at Calvery.

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God's Precious Gift
Joyful praise we would ascribe
To Jesus, our Lord, so wonderful;
Oh, for words that would describe
God's precious gift, unspeakable!

Oh, great and bountiful salvation,
Priceless gift of our Saviour's love!
'Twas not by works that we have done,
But cost our Lord His precious blood.

Oh, riches in Christ, unsearchable,
Oh, for words to thank Him as we should,
But in this life it is impossible
To love and serve Him as we would.

Some day we'll put on immortality,
Up to glory with Him we'll soar;
To bear the image of the heavenly,
And praise Him as we never have before!

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What Can Separate Me From God's Love?
Oh, what can separate me from God's love,
Can powers on earth or in heaven above?
Can angels or principalities?
No, nothing from His love can separate me!

Oh, who can pluck me from my Father's hand?
My Saviour has spoken, on His word I stand;
For He has given me eternal life,
Oh, He paid with His blood the terrible price!

Now I was once burdened with Satan and sin,
But my heart was opened, the Saviour came in;
He whispered so sweetly, now you are mine,
For you I have purchased with my blood divine!

Oh, what a change has now come over me,
I'm living for Jesus so happy and free;
One day I'll see Him in heaven above,
For nothing can separate me from God's love!

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Oh, What Manner Of Love Is This
Eternal Father, God of love,
Seated on Thy throne above,
Ruling this vast universe,
Thy will is done in heaven and earth.

Wouldst Thou, then, allow Thine own dear Son,
To this world of sin to come?
Thrice Holy God, so pure and just,
Hast Thou so loved this worm of the dust?

Yes, Thou foreknew me in Thy love,
Chose me in Thine portals above,
Predestined me to become
Conformed to the image of Thy Son.

Ordained before the world had foundation,
Christ came and purchased my salvation;
Not with corruptible silver or gold,
But with His own blood He redeemed my soul!

In His own body upon the tree,
He bore my sins and set me free;
Imputed to me His righteousness,
My soul, in Him, is forever blessed.

Oh, what love He bestowed upon me,
That through the ages of eternity,
I'll live with Him in perfect bliss;
Oh, what manner of love is this?

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The Glorious Gospel
This is the gospel wherein I stand,
Whereby I am saved as God has planned;
Christ died for my sins as the scriptures say,
Was buried, and rose again the third day.

Oh, this glorious gospel light
Shone in my soul so wondrously bright,
Bringing me peace from heaven on high;
Glory to God! He passed me not by!

'Tis by God's grace I am what I am;
'Tis by His grace that God's holy Lamb
Paid for my sins at Calvary,
Shedding His blood to ransom me.

'Tis by His grace that I am sealed,
By God's Holy Spirit, the one who revealed
To me this gospel, so crystal clear,
Gave me eyes to see and ears to hear.

But the natural man cannot perceive
This glorious gospel, for Satan deceives,
Blinding their eyes that they may not see
The gospel in all it's simplicity.

Still, God's chosen ones are scattered around,
Through the country, cities and towns;
God uses the gospel to reach their souls,
And bring His sheep into His fold.

The gospel, then, must be faithfully preached,
That God's elect ones may be reached;
For by God's grace, 'tis His decree,
That they be His for eternity.

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From Every Kindred, Tongue And Nation
Man's life is short and full of trouble;
He lives his God-allotted time,
Then doth vanish like a bubble,
Leaving his house of clay behind.

For "Dust thou art to dust returneth",
To man's soul does not apply;
For the world he ever yearneth,
But to his Maker he must fly.

And he must answer to his Maker,
For the deeds which he has done;
Unless, by grace, he is partaker
Of life eternal, through God, the Son.

But sinful man just will not come
To the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ,
For his affection is set upon
This wicked world of sin and strife.

Still, God has chosen a multitude,
To be the heirs of eternal salvation;
And they will come, in gratitude,
From every kindred, tongue and nation.

For in the day of His mighty power,
God's Holy Spirit, so loving and bold,
Will enter in and that very hour,
Bring salvation into their souls.

He will grant to them repentance,
Grace to turn away from sin,
Faith to see the loving Saviour,
And to put their trust in Him!

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So Must The Son Of Man Be Lifted Up
Through the wilderness, wild and wide,
God led His people, the Israelites;
And in His mercy did provide
A cloud by day, pillar of fire by night.

He sent th m manna down from heaven,
Yea, angel's food they ate;
And when thirsty, they were given
Water from a rock so great.

All their needs God did provide,
Performed miracles again and again;
Still, they were never satisfied,
But constantly murmured and complained.

Then God sent serpents to distress,
Many were bitten and some died too;
They cried to Moses, their sins confessed,
And God told Moses just what to do.

Make a brazen, fiery serpent,
Place it on a pole for all to see;
All who looked IN FAITH on that brazen serpent
Were healed. This was God's simple remedy.

Now the fiery serpent spoke of sin,
Which, like an adder, stings at last;
God's judgement on sin was typified in
The fiery serpent made of brass.

As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,
So must Jesus, the Son of man, be lifted up;
Christ lived a life of perfect righteousness,
And for His people drank the bitter cup.

He who knew no sin was made sin for us;
Lifted up on the cross, He paid the awful price,
For He suffered, bled, and died for us;
All who trust in Him shall have eternal life.

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The Rich Man And Lazarus
There is a true story which Jesus told,
Of a rich man in purple, with silver and gold;
And a beggar named Lazarus who lay at the gate,
Longing for crumbs from the rich man's plate.

Now the rich man fared sumptuously, as I recall,
Showing no mercy for Lazarus at all;
Yea, the dogs, with more compassion than he,
Licked the sores of the beggar in his misery.

But then the scene changed and things were reversed,
No longer in misery was Lazarus immersed;
For he died and was carried into paradise,
Trusting the Saviour who paid the great price.

The rich man died, too, and to hell he was sent,
To suffer forever in flames and torment;
For mercy he begged and that Lazarus might come,
With a drop of water to cool his poor tongue.

But the rich man cried for mercy too late,
For a great gulf is fixed and there's no escape;
All help, all hope, all good things were ended,
For to those in hell, there's no mercy extended.

Then the rich man thought of his brothers in sin,
Who would soon be in hell, tormented like him;
So he prayed that one from the dead be sent,
To warn his five brothers, that they might repent.

But one from the dead they would not heed,
If Moses and the prophets they did not believe;
For they told of the Christ who would die for sin,
And save all from hell who trust in Him.

Now Jesus told this story that we might escape,
And not be partakers of the rich man's fate;
Heaven, not hell, is my destiny,
For I've trusted in Jesus who died for me!

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What must I do to be saved?
Cried the jailer at Phillippi;
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, said Paul,
As he looked him in the eye.

But it can't be as simple as that,
I hear someone exclaim;
Surely there are things I must do,
Ere salvation I can attain.

Nothing! No, nothing can we do,
For our righteousness is as filthy rags;
Salvation is a gift, so full and free,
'Tis not of works, lest man should boast, or brag.

Look to the Son of God, dear friend,
Look! And you shall have eternal life;
See Him as He suffered, bled, and died,
He finished the work, He paid the price!

Oh, what a sinner was I!
Oh, what a Saviour is He!
He took my sins upon Himself,
Imputed His righteousness to me.

My sins are gone! My sins are gone!
Cast by Him into the deepest sea;
He will remember them no more,
And I am free! Praise God, I'm free!

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